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The Benefits

Engaging in creative behaviour improves brain function as well as mental and physical health.  

 People who continue learning after childhood report higher wellbeing and a greater ability to cope with stress.

Getting creative really does boost your mood, survey suggests. Read more from this article on the BBC website.

 Becoming completely absorbed in an activity reduces anxiety, boosts mood and even slows the heart rate.

Completing an activity with a clear end product or outcome results in a flood of dopamine to the brain, which causes feelings of happiness and motivation.

New study shows correlation between employee engagement and the lunch break. Read more from this article in Forbes magazine.

We are featured in this important article from Employee Benefitsabout how social clubs have 'direct influences on an employer’s bottom line, encouraging creativity and strong team working, as well as creating a sense of belonging.'

For the Participant

For the Company

  • A chance to switch off completely from work

  • Enjoyable acquisition of knowledge or a skill

  • Get to know your colleagues better

  • Significant benefits to mental wellbeing

  • A refreshing change within the working week

  • Actively lowers stress for all participants

  • Provision of a positive break from screen time

  • Refreshed and energised employees

  • Breaks down barriers and creates new networks

  • Tangible benefits from first session

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